Did you know that there are problems that are uniquely localised to the youngest children?

That is where the importance of children's otorhinolaryngology lies in detecting any condition in the ear, nose, larynx and pharynx of children.

Children's Otirronology

Otorhinolaryngology surgery children

  • Serous otitis
  • Acute and recurrent otitis media
  • Otorrhoea
  • Paediatric allergic rhinitis
  • Pharynx / Pharyngitis / Tonsillopharyngitis

Otorhinolaryngology surgery children

  • Ventilation tubes /
    transtympanic drains
  • Hearing screening in children by means of otoacoustic emissions
  • Nose and sinuses
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Foreign bodies in children
    (ear, nose, throat)
  • Tonsillectomy (reduction of the size of the tonsils by Coblator II) By means of laser or dissection