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Dr. Juan Carlos Casado is a reference in Otorhinolaryngology in our country, as well as being recognised worldwide thanks to his specialisation in Voice Feminization.

In this section you will find a compilation of the books he has written, publications in prestigious medical journals and conferences around the world.

Feminization of the voice: a multidisciplinary approach to transgender women.

This book arises from the scarcity of updated manuals that deal in an accessible and didactic way with the process of feminization of the voice in transgender women.

Wendler ballotoplasty and speech therapy in voice feminization in transsexuals: results of pre-vs. post-surgery assessment.

Dr Casado has published an article on voice feminization in the Revista Acta Española de Otorrinolaringología, official organ of the Spanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico-facial Pathology. It is the first article in Spanish language published on this subject.

ORL Guide App para Iphone/Android

Dr. Casado has participated as author in several chapters of a new ENT App, created with the idea of being an archive of diseases, aimed at ENT, each one developed in a very specific and concrete way, so that it is easy to make a decision tree.

Otorhinolaryngology. Clinical Manual

The Spanish Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico-Facial Pathology, SEORL, presents in this manual the current panorama of this specialty from a rigorous point of view with the most current advances and trends.

Laryngeal cancer in women: vocal, physical and emotional rehabilitation

In this book by María Heliodora Cuenca Villarín and Marina M. Barrio Parra, Dr. Juan Carlos Casado deals with the study of laryngeal cancer in women, whose incidence rate is between 1-2% of all tumors in the body and 30-40% in the head and neck.

Comparación de los tratamientos de terapia vocal y de higiene vocal en la disfonía mediante un protocolo de evaluación multidimensional limitado

Published in the Journal of Communication, the study evaluates the effectiveness of two different voice treatment programs in a heterogeneous group of people with dysphonia.

Laryngectomy Manual

In this book, Dr. Juan Carlos Casado and Dr. José Antonio Adrián have used their knowledge and sensitivity to alleviate, within current possibilities, the serious problem of communication among laryngectomized patients.

The Clinical Evaluation of the Voice. Medical and logopedic fundamentals

Book in which the authors start from the idea and the conviction that in order to work correctly in the evaluation and treatment of vocal pathologies, the otolaryngologist, the speech therapist and the psychologist must collaborate in a joint action of communicative exchange in order to achieve a better understanding, diagnosis and rehabilitation of dysphonic patients.

Voice Disorders. From diagnosis to treatment

This book is the result of the professional exchange of its authors, with the aim of integrating their clinical experiences in their respective places of work: Bilbao and Marbella.

Evaluation of the patient with dysphonia

The manual is divided into four main sections: clinical history and perceptual assessment; acoustic analysis and aerodynamic analysis; laryngeal endoscopy and laryngeal electromyography; and surgical exploration.

The excellence of medicine in Spain

Dr. Juan Carlos Casado participates in this book which shows the most intimate and close face of the country’s medical professionals.

Professional and artistic voice. Singing peculiarities

Dr. Casado participates as an author-collaborator of this book in the chapter entitled “Feminization of the voice”, a subject in which he is a pioneer in Spain. The main professionals dedicated to this field collaborate in this book.