Trans Woman Voice Questionaire

<strong>Trans Woman Voice </strong><strong>Questionaire</strong>


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Within voice surgeries, we find Wendler’s Glotoplasty, commonly known as “Voice Feminization Surgery” and Type III Thyroplasty, commonly known as “Voice Masculinization Surgery”.

Related to this field, there is also Thyroid Chondroplasty, i.e. Adam’s apple reduction.

Both the consultations with Dr. Casado and the speech therapy sessions with Soledad Angulo (for voice surgeries) can be done by video call.

If you are interested in getting your personalised voice study, follow the simple steps below to complete the two tests we need for this. It is very easy and completely free of charge. As soon as we have it, we will contact you to make an appointment for the video call.

Go ahead and follow your dream! We will be delighted to help you.