Nose surgery

Rhinoplasty: harmonise your nose and improve your breathing

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures today.

Its purpose is to repair or reshape defects in the nose, but in addition to aesthetic reasons, it is also performed to alleviate respiratory problems.

“There’s something different about your face, but I don’t know what it is.”

A few months ago, the American company Highfive conducted a study among FaceTime users who had been using this platform during the pandemic, and the data revealed were most curious:

  • 39% of people did not like the way they looked.
  • 48% were more concerned with their appearance than with the conversation.
  • 59% were much more aware of their own appearance in video calls than in real life.
  • 35% considered themselves less attractive at conferences than in real life.
  • 34% acknowledged that they spent more time grooming themselves than preparing for the topic to be discussed.

This is consistent with the fact that after the pandemic, rhinoplasty has become the most requested surgery in the world.

What are the objectives of Rhinoplasty?

At Marbel Clinic we prefer to use the term “nose surgery” because we consider the nose as an anatomical and functional element. Thus, it is not only necessary to improve the shape of the nose at an aesthetic level but, in most cases, it is also necessary to intervene on the ability to breathe and smell, so the objectives of nose surgery are the following:

  • Harmonise the nose according to the patient’s face type.
  • To achieve an aesthetic and natural result. Our maxim is that the patient does not notice that they have had a nose job, and neither does their circle.
  • Improve breathing through the nose to improve the patient’s quality of life and, above all, their quality of sleep. In this way, they will breathe less through the mouth and therefore snore less.

Remember that the healing process will be slow and gradual, so full recovery will take a few weeks, during which time it is important to avoid direct exposure to the sun or heat.

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